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Eventid 1030 & 1058 in Application Log

By alexr ·
I got these errors on my new 2003 Domain Controller. It happens during reboot only and takes about 10 min to restart machine. I looked trough different forums, tried all recommendations but still can not get rid of it. Anybody knows solution to this problem?

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by brandon.aiken In reply to Eventid 1030 & 1058 in Ap ...

What is the source of the error? Judging by the numbers, I'm assuming it's Userenv, right? has a number of solutions to this problem, although you have to sign up (cheap) to get quick links to the fixes:

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Allready tried

by alexr In reply to Source?

Yep, Userenv. I already saw this link and tried these stuff yesterday. Nothing. Most people says it happens all the time. In my case during reboot only. And Group Policy works fine. I have changed the domain default GP to allow Win95 users to log on. Looks like something with sequence of the boot process. Today I gonna disable default GP and see what will happen.

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Yep, figured

by brandon.aiken In reply to Allready tried

I've never seen the issue surface on a domain controller, but it's not an uncommon problem. We fixed our workstations and member servers with a disjoin/rejoin, but that obviously doesn't work on a DC. We had one workstation (mine, actually, running WinXP SP2) that was logging them on reboots only that was fixed by disjoin/rejoin. I also tried everything I could find on and

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something that could help

by alexr In reply to Eventid 1030 & 1058 in Ap ...

I figured out that if you put in hosts file of DC record :

zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz DOMAIN

You can get rid of these errors and speed up boot process.
But you get another error
I probably can live with this.

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