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Ever buy another HP printer?

By Jeffykins ·
Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! I feel like Charlie Brown landing on his back, again!

I have a client with an HP-made security card printer. They are on their third in less than a year, and it just died. What part died? The sensor that reads the chip in the card pack to make sure you didn't put a blank card back in and try to print on it without buying more consumables!

Yes, folks, YET AGAIN, we have something that doesn't work because of the failure of a part that BRINGS NO CONCEIVABLE BENEFIT TO THE USER!!! Yes, this is just like the WGA debacle.

I can't remember being so mad. I seriously think if I knew who made the decision to include this chip, I'd spend the $300 on a round trip to beat him senseless. Really. I'm still agitated, 10 minutes after being given the news.

I literally can't remember the last time I was so irate. Why can't anyone seem to get even the simplest things right any more, like IF YOU INCLUDE SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T BENEFIT THE USER, MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T FAIL or at least fails in a way that leaves the thing usable. I was manager of QA at a small software developer 20 years ago, and we never could have gotten away with the *ahem* garbage they do now.

So, I wasted an hour on the phone with a couple of clueless Bozos (apologies to the clown, may he rest in peace) who finally concluded it must be broken again.

Okay; I'm going to take a deep breath, and test drive a really fast car. That should work.

PLEASE stop me if I ever consider buying an HP printer. You have to get their permission to **** your nose.

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