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Ever set up an IT department library?

By Matfa ·
I am setting up an IT department library to be used by the 100+ IT professionals in the organization.

The idea is to create a place where to store, catalogue and share all sorts of published material received from vendors or acquired by the employees with company money. That is, technical manuals, training material, certification guides,...

If you have experience in setting up or managing an IT library, please share your advice:

How to manage inventory and borrowing?
How to estimatethe on-going effort required to run the library?
How to motivate team members to bring in their material?

Thank you.

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by ghstinshll In reply to Ever set up an IT departm ...

I have a former co-worker who designed a database for checking materials in and out of an access database who may be willing to help.

Unfortunately, you'll have to dedicate someone to managing the inventory and check outs, etc...

You're never going to get your employees to bring in their personal libraries for the company to use, so start building the library from a list of certain things... For tech-savvy people, I highly reccommend the Exam Cram series books on the MCSA certification,as well as the CCNA for anyone who has any experience with routing, subnetting, and networking in general. Microsoft Press books are great for this too.

Plan on doing this alone with your budget, but you can do it right if you create a wish listfrom your employees first, then build on that.

With my former company, we had the leisure of using all the books that the company had bought it's trainers over the years, and place them mall in a library once that department closed.

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IT department library

by mazidee In reply to Ever set up an IT departm ...

There is some planning need to be done. What I can think of are :

1. You need a space for the physical storage of libary items such as books, manual, software,CD etc. Some department might want to keep the item to their department but 'central' library must keep track those location. Who have what.

2. A systems to index/catalog library items. Normal library use quite complex way of cataloguing items, you may decide to make it simple but it is good to follow standard like Library of Congress standard. The systems is to catalog and give your classifications which will determine where the book should be on the shelf.

3. You may want to have a Library Management Software to manage your collections. It can be cheap or expensive depending on your needs. You can start with 3 modules Cataloguing (for indexing), Circulation (to manage borrowing transaction) and Online Public Access Catalogy (OPAC) for public query/search.

Lots of thing to say but space limited. You may want to contact me at for more details. I will be happy to advise.


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