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Every day is a stupid day thanks to those darn users. :)

By Peconet Tietokoneet ·
Have a look at this website, it is a laugh and a half. :)

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Nice one, it reminds me of the time a fellow tech answered

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Every day is a stupid day ...

a call on the level 2 help line just minutes before he walked out the door for the last time. He was leaving due to a Richard Cranium manager we got lumbered with during a restructure - the manager could have been dumber, but then he couldn't have dressed himself if he was; but we weren't sure if his mummy still dressed him or not as the socks matched. Anyway, back to the phone call:

Tech (Jeff): Hello, Superior Support Section.

Caller: "This is Bob xxxxx," (NB: the company secretary - 2nd top man in company) "you can forget that call to come fix my computer as it's running very fast now."

Jeff: "You say it's running very fast now. Sh*t, you better chase after it and catch it as they're not allowed to do more than a slow walk. Have a nice day," - and hangs up.

Jeff leaves after hanging up, and twenty minutes later the manager gets a call to go visit the general manager about staff attitudes. The forty minute interview totally ruined his week and it was only lunchtime on Wednesday.

Since then I've been sorry I didn't think of and give a response like that.

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Yes it is a good site...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Nice one, it reminds me o ...

A few months ago i had a customer of whom phoned up to say that their computer did not work, i found out that they did not plug it in. :) Yes i did charge them for the call out. i could not stop laughing though.

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Ok, just going by

by The Scummy One In reply to Every day is a stupid day ...

the title, I shall include you in my week this week
User1 -- IM's me to ask if she should install the backup SW. I replied asking if her system needed to be backed up. she said she didnt have backup SW already. I replied asking if she had anything on the system that needed to be backed up. She replied yes. I replied, then that is your answer (ok, I wasnt specific enough I guess). She asked again if she should install the backup SW. I copied and pasted our conversation and ended in "If you need to backup data that is kept on your computer, then YES! Install the backup SW"
In which (after a few minutes goes by), a reply -- "But I dont currently have any backup software installed, so how do I know if I should install it". And no, it didnt stop there, but I could write about this incident for an hour, and I dont got the time. :^0

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Nice one. :)

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Ok, just going by

Could it get any better!! :)

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by The Scummy One In reply to Nice one. :)

User2 sets up a meeting and then asks for my help. She wants me to get to the meeting room and help 30 minutes before the meeting. All she asks of me is to setup the virtual room (no audio or projector). She sends me the information needed. I instruct her to first try it and if there is a problem to come get me.
Ok, 30 minutes before the meeting she comes to my desk, doesnt have the NB to connect and just tells me what meeting room to go to. Now normally, I dont work on meetings or rooms, unless a problem occurs, but she was freaked out enough I decided to (because I would be there eventually anyway).
I get to the room, no notebook is in there, she went to go do something -- lol -- but from the size of the room I figured a projector was in order. But, since it wasnt requested with the room, facilities didnt come by to test the projector. It had a burned out bulb. So I went and grabbed a department projector, NP.
She gets in the room 5 min. before the meeting and wonders why I didnt 1. initialize the phone call, 2. setup the virtual room, and 3, have the projector setup.
When I stated that I dont do phones and never receieved that info, she stated "so what, who is going to make the phone call -- Am I supposed to?"
I said Yes
I setup the projector as she logged in, she didnt know what virtual room info is needed, and DID NOT include the proper info for me in the email. The info she sent to me was for a meeting the next day.
So, after doing several searches, we found the info, connecte in, NP. Then she went looking for the phone info. She had different parts of this info in 3 places (dial in #, conference #, and leader PIN). So, after only 7 tries we got in. Howwever, after reading hte numbers off she would close all of the emails/windows/docs, and then could not find them for a few minutes again when needed.
So the phone is finally working and she had closed the virtual room while frantically looking for the phone info. Now she cant find the virtual room info anymore.
well, 20 minutes after the start, everything was setup to start the meeting. Except, she never even took a tutorial for using the virtual room, so couldnt figure out how to do anything (such as sharing an application/desktop, etc.). So, then I had to show her a few things before leaving. I had informed her that I used our dept. projector and that I needed it returned.
After the meeting, she returned it without the carry case sitting 2 feet from it. Apparently it wasnt obvious enough, even though she watched me pull it from there (in her defence, she was already freaked out about having to do something on her own I guess) :^0

Shall I continue to draw you into "Scummy's World"? :^0

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Yes! Draw me in!

by seanferd In reply to User2

It is a lot more funny from a distance. Gives me the strength to deal with the mental midget who is my manager. I can feel the leftover stress of my day just melting away...

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by The Scummy One In reply to Yes! Draw me in!

A couple of months ago, a remote user (contractor) stated that he could not remote access into our systems. He had been setup for it. I went step by step through the instructions, complete with screen shots. The user is in India, so we never hooked up, only email. I never heard anything back, and forgot about the issue.
Last week I get an email from him with several managers on the list, stating how I hadnt been able to help in all of this time. But, he is willing to work with me on the access issue.
So, I had him try a few things. By Friday night finally I agreed to stay late on Monday. I stated that I was going to come in late, and he had all weekend to realize this. I sent more than 1 email stating that I would be in late on Monday, Pacific time. That I would be staying late to catch him early Tuesday morning (his time).
Anyway, I get in late Monday, and the stupid f**k calls me early and complains that I am not there since he stayed a few hours late to catch me.
So he says 'lets try for wed'.
I am unsure who's Wed. he is talking about, so I told him I would get in early on My Tues., his Wed. Well, I got in early and emailed and called -- nothing. I looked over email and he said that 'oops -- we keep missing each other' routine. All the while I am thinking 'yeah, its cause you are a stupid f**k'.
So he proposes that I get there early on Wed (my wed -- finally clarified). However, I have a class wed. and wasnt gonna show up early, so I told him, I would be at my desk at the normal time from here on out. If he wants access, he needs to deal with my time, or seek help elsewhere.
I get in Wed., and he calls me, and we go through a few items trying to figure it out. The problem was that he needed to change his domain PW through the friggin website that was sent to him several times in the past, cause it was set on his temporary password.
If he had gone through the documentation that was sent the first time. Or a few months later when the second set was sent. Or a couple of months ago when I sent them again with step by step instructions, this would not have been needed.
Although, I am certain that there were other motives, no lawyer could possible be that friggin stupid -- or could they ? .

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I hear you on that. lol. :)

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to User3

What a stupid idiot. he could not read either. :)

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Great googly moogly.

by seanferd In reply to User3

That is painful, and still reminiscent of my boss. The fsckwits just can't read or listen to anything - including the responses to their own questions!

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Good lord, they don't pay you enough!!!

by robo_dev In reply to User2

And people wonder why workplace violence is a problem.... :)

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