EVERY FUNCTION of Windows 7 S L O W E D!

By rathersailawa ·
I am running a Toshiba laptop which was upgraded from VISTA to Win 7. My rig has 2gb of RAM memory, and plenty of HD space.

EVERY SINGLE FUNCTION of Windows, from scrolling down a page to switching tabs in FireFox results in a stalled or slowed reaction screen; NOTHING about my Windows system reacts fast at all!

This, despite having defragged, cleaned the Registry file, cleaned start-up programs, etc. Have run various "system optimizers" and other utilities, but still no evident speed-up to "normal!"

What else can I do/where else can I look for better results? It doesn't matter what programs are running (if any!); all functions are slowed to a crawl!

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated! (I am a computer tech, and am at wits' end over all this!)

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Bump up that memory

by Kenone In reply to EVERY FUNCTION of Windows ...

I haven't had much success with Win7 with less than 4 GB of memory.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Bump up that memory

4GB won't be fully usable in 32bit Win7, or so I've been informed. It'll show something like 3,7 GB usable... or less, depending on the hardware config.

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Yep that is correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to But...

However with Windows 7 or any other version of Windows for that matter the systems seem to work better or at least faster when you have as much RAM as the M'Board can Hold or 4 GIG configured as 2 X 2 GIG Modules installed.

While you are wasting some RAM you are installing as much as the Hardware/OS can support and use in the Fastest Manner which is Dual Chanel Mode.


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I see a desktop in my future...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Yep that is correct

Big enough to run a 64bit OS, and that OS running a whole gamut of VMs.
I'll need to emulate WinXp, Dos and who knows what else...

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Well I've just sold a couple of NB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I see a desktop in my fut ...

That are going out with 8 GIG of RAM Installed. Those little Gigabyte Units are really nice.


Started off with wanting 1 Cheap Acer for a school kid and settled on 3 of the QI580M as a Base unit optioned up to what they want. So far that is. On Friday Afternoon it was just 2 and by Sunday it had grown to 3, I hope they don't add any more.


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I have to agree on the RAM Comment

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to EVERY FUNCTION of Windows ...

But also how did you Upgrade to 7 here?

I would suggest a wipe and Install of 7 as a Clean Load it's the only way I've had acceptable results with it.

Also what did the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser say about your hardware before loading 7?



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by seanferd In reply to I have to agree on the RA ...

"<i>cleaned start-up programs,</i>"

What does this mean? How many are still running?

You wouldn't have 2 antivirus programs fighting each other, would you?

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Why an upgrade and not a fresh install?

by dave In reply to EVERY FUNCTION of Windows ...

I've had fair luck with MS OS upgrades in the past. Maybe Win 7 is better.

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