Every other printed page is a banner page (separator sheet)

By mcadwell ·
We haven't found a fix for this and have been looking and trying for quite some time now:

Our business has two printers: the Laserjet is a local printer, the Sharp is a network printer. Both will sporadically print out documents so that every other page is a banner sheet regardless of whether the document has 1 page or 30 pages.

This seems to happen the most when printing documents from a program called VisualPrime although it has also occurred in Word 2007. It affects three employees so far - all running WinXP, and will occur with different types of documentation.

The printers are setup so the first page will be a banner sheet, but not every other page. It is almost as though the printer is seeing each page as a new <ocument.

We have checked the page size (margins, lines, etc.) in the printers and the settings in VisualPrime - changing the settings do not seem to have made a difference but, since this is sporadic, it is difficult to tell.

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Driver Issue?

by oldbaritone In reply to Every other printed page ...

It may be the way the print driver is sending the job to the printer. Check the spooling options.

"Sporadic" may be associated with a little-used workstation, or a user/s who only occasionally use this particular application. When the problem occurs, start logging which user and workstation had the problem, and perhaps the PREVIOUS user who was working on it. The problem may lie with a workstation that opened the document and saved it, but didn't print it. You may find the settings on one station were overlooked. If page sizes were reset from normal, they may revert to standard if a different user opens the document. Frequently, when you change to a different printer, some of the page size and margin comes from the new printer, so it may be one workstation that wasn't updated when the others were.

Good luck.

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