Everyone Who Could Verify PM Hours is Gone. How Do I Verify Hrs for Exam?

By v r ·
With all of the mergers of companies for which I have worked and all of the people to whom I have reported retired and/or moved to unknown locations, I am in a difficult position. I have been managing projects and programs successfully for 20+ years and now want to take the PMP exam, but I cannot locate the people who could verify the hours I have worked in each area of PM.
How do I verify that I am qualified to take the exam?

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Everyone Who Could Verify ...

They should have the full employment history for the different companies that you worked for.

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Thanks, but...

by v r In reply to HR?

Thank you for the thought. While HR can report the title (only one was Sr. Program Manager) and the length of time I was at any company, they cannot verify the hours I was engaged in any of the PM disciplines, which is what PMI has required in the past.

I appreciate your response. Thanks again.

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I've had the same problem, and generally

by robo_dev In reply to Thanks, but...

you need to appeal directly to the certification provider to explain the issue. You should not have to stalk all your old supervisors the rest of their lives.

Not to be dishonest, but it's really the 'honor system' for most of these types of requirements.

Legally, a former employer is only going to disclose when you worked there, and possibly your title. If a former co-worker at the old company signs the form that says you have five years of PM experience, there is no legal way for anyone on the outside to validate the truth or prove the lie.

I am not suggesting that you do something unethical, but rather suggesting that you should not give up easily the experience that you earned, simply because your former boss has:

a) died a mysterious death one day after you quit.

b) gone into the witness protection program

c) joined the French Foreign Legion

d) all of the above

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Thanks. Still Keep in Touch with Lots of People...

by v r In reply to I've had the same problem ...

..who could and would verify my experience. I will take your advice to talk to the provider as well as former colleagues.

You have a great sense of humor. I really appreciate that.

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