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Everything Quits in less than a second

By bob ·
Self-built system
All brand new components.
Turn on the power supply and everything lights up and fans start spinning. It does this, even without pressing the case's start button.
Less than a second later, everything quits.
I considered the fact that the motherboard may have been defective. I replaced it with a brand new board. Same thing.
I considered, since it starts without having to press the case's start button, that maybe the start button was defective. Changed cases. Same thing.
The next thing I replaced was the power supply. Same thing.
Any Ideas as to what is causing my new system to quit before it really gets going.
NOTE: The board has a chassis intrution feature. Does the 2 pin header for this need to be jumped, or something?
I am open to ideas.

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by bob In reply to Everything Quits in less ...

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by TheChas In reply to Everything Quits in less ...

You should not need a jumper on the intrusion detection circuit.

First, did you check the clear CMOS jumper?
Many motherboards ship with the jumper set to clear.
Your startup behavior is very similar to a system with the CMOS jumper set to clear.

Next, is this an AMD system?
Athlon CPUs are VERY picky about having the correct clock speed set in order to boot up.
In order to get that crucial first boot and get into BIOS setup to set the CPU speed I often have to:
Set the CMOS jumper to clear.
Boot up.
Set the jumper back to normal.
Boot up and enter BIOS setup.
Set the CPU speed.
Save and exit.

Have you swapped or changed the plug-in for the CPU and Case fans?
Some fans place too much noise on the motherboard and cause the system to lock up.

It's not impossible that you have a bad CPU.
While I haven't set up any P-IV systems, it is very easy to crack the die on an AMD CPU.
All it takes is a little bit too much pressure from the CPU fan - then, crack goes the CPU.

If this does not help, please add more details on your hardware.


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by TheChas In reply to

The CPU would be the likely choice.

Bad RAM will usually give a beep code.

What it sounds like, is that the power supply comes on.
Does not get the power good signal from the motherboard.
Then shuts down.

Since you have swapped the motherboard and power supply, the next likely suspect is the CPU.

It is not unusual on the first boot of a new system for power to be applied without hitting the power button.
The ATX bower button is a simple push button switch that toggles a line on the motherboard that then tells the power supply to start up.


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by bob In reply to

Thanks again Chas.
I am going to order another processor as soon as possible.
The research goes on for one at a reasonable price.
I might even spring for a 3.4 Gig.

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by bob In reply to Everything Quits in less ...

It's an Intel 3.2 Ghz, 800 Mghz FSB processor on an Intel manufactured 875 PBZ board.
2 SATA 60 Gig hard drives, in which I had planned to set to a RAID 0 array.
PC 3200 DDR (LLPRO 512X2)
FX 3600 w/256 DDR graphics
Audigy 2 sound card
CDRW, DVDRW & Floppy
500 watt ATX P4 compatible power supply.
Thermal dashboard (never connected)
The CMOS jumper is set for operation.
It doesn't maintain functionality long enough to enter BIOS. There is not even time for a beep code.
I disconnected ALL fans, including the CPU fan and the hard drive cooler fans. To no avail.
It's a brand new processor, handled with care. I moved it to the new board, when I swapped, and there was no visual evidence of damage. The heatsink and fan installed normally, with no exertion of any extreme force. I removed the thermal compound and applied new for the transfer.
It looks as if I am going to have to go the expense of another processor to know for sure, doesn't it?

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by jschein In reply to Everything Quits in less ...

Chas is correct... No beeps, no post...

More than likely the CPU.

Had a collegue who installed a new P4 system, same problem... His resolution was pluggin the OTHER power cable into the motherboard - There are 2 for the P4.

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by bob In reply to Everything Quits in less ...

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