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Everything that can be wrong is!!!

By chatioc99 ·
This makes 13 full system reformatts & still major problems,can't get on line,tons of duplicate programs running in task mgr.Have interesting "Windows-No Disk"warning that says;There is no disk in the drive.Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR@."with 3 options at bottom to cancel;try again;continue.Clicking on cancel or try again results in automatic system shutdown,clicking on continue will "sometime very rarely result in it going away,other times it to will cause system shutdown.I can't do a "sfc /scannow,or just about anything elese & all this only 48 hrs. after full system reformatt!!Can anyone help or just shoot me??!!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Everything that can be wr ...

Well if the system was infected just formating and reloading will not have deleted the infection.

But what sounds far more likely is that the HDD is developing a fault so I would suggest that you download a HDD testing utility from your HDD makers web site and run it to see if the drive is OK. This is done in DOS so you'll most likely need a 98 or similar Boot Disk as well and you can run this from a floppy.

If you get a drive failure result then replace the data cable to the HDD and run the testing utility again if it still comes up as bad you'll be looking at a new HDD as the one you have is on its way out.

Or there is one other possibility and that is that the M'Board is sick and loosing the HDD all together or changing its size on boot up I recently saw one that had a 10 GIG Drive fitted and when scanned in the BIOS it came up correctly but after saving the changes to the BIOS on the very next reboot the drive was shown as a 528 MEG drive. In that case it was a dying M'Board. You could always switch on the SMART in the BIOS to see if you get any error messages between the POST and Component listing screens but the Test Utility will tell you far more than any SMART notification ever will and if the drive is still UG you'll need the results to RMA the dying drive.

Lets know how you get on.


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