Everytime I have to repair wireless network connection before connecting

By dhiren.kanojia ·

I use Belkin USB G Network Adapter to connect wireless internet.

I have Edimax BR-6204WG wireless DSL Modem Router. Now, the problem is every time I restart my PC, I have to repair wireless network connection by right clicking on it BEFORE connecting to router. I have do not repair wireless network connection, it does not connect.

My Home network shows in to view network connections but when I try to connect it, its show "Please wait while windows connect to the network, waiting for the network" and never get connected. So I have to repair wireless network connection everytime.

I have WinXP with SP2

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Easy solution.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Everytime I have to repai ...

When you are about to follow the proper procedure to shut down Windows - - - First of all follow the proper procedure to shut down your wireless connection and turn off your transmitter.

That is the way it is supposed to be done.

Then when you next boot up, your wireless connection is turned OFF. After Windows has booted, then you enable your wireless connection, then you turn on your transmitter.

If you don't like doing it the correct way, buy a cable.

<Edited for typo>

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Just a doubt

by dhiren.kanojia In reply to Easy solution.


Thank you for your reply, but my gf got laptop, she is also using wireless internet. But she does not need to off transmitter. She can just shut down laptop and boot again and her internet working fine.


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Shutting down or Hibernating?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Just a doubt

I wonder if your gf is putting her laptop into Hibernation or even Standby.

I've used wifi internet for over three years and, by far the easiest method, has been to disable wifi prior to shutdown.

Being that it IS a laptop, it tends to make sense to shutdown your wifi, since you never know whether the next power up will be on mains or on battery power: the time taken to shutdown your wireless connection if you don't need it could remove quite a few minutes from your battery-life.

Also, if you don't get into the habit of switching the wifi off, ...on initial boot you have no control over when the wifi becomes operational (it could be active long before your desktop appears).

Given the plethora of hotspots across the world, a wifi set to be 'ON' by default, leaves your laptop open to intrusion on the same hotspot, or from crackers looking for unsecured wireless signals.

More importantly, you may boot-up on battery power but not go online. While you are working on your chosen task your laptop is available for connection to anyone else without your knowledge.

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Windows Firewall Suks

by carscarsnmorecars In reply to Everytime I have to repai ...

Just try this out completely disable (turn off) your windows
firewall then repair your connection after you get connected
reboot your pc and your internet should still be connected. If
so keep the windows firewall disable and find another to
replace it. I had thsi exact same problem with the same
nelkin adapter hope this helps

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Ditch WZC

by robo_dev In reply to Windows Firewall Suks

Windows Wireless Zero Configuration is most likely your problem. Turn it off (disable the service) and let the Belkin application manage the Wireless connection.

WZC is totally stupid. It will try to connect to just about anything and succeeds at connecting to nothing.

There are some third party wifi connection managers..the only one I've played with is the AT&T Communication Manager, which seemed to work OK with either tethering my 3G phone to the laptop, or with several wifi cards I tried (Belkin, Lucent, Cisco).

Unfortunately the Belkin software on it's own is not all that much better than the Windows WZC, in my experience.

The simplest solution is to get a differnt wifi card, one with better drivers and connection management support.

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I disagree

by demosthanese In reply to Ditch WZC

I have to disagree with you on the WZC service. I prefer it to many of the third part programs for 2 reason:

1) the WZC is easy to manage and gives very fast access to the individual network configs

2) 3rd part programs take more resources and in most cases have less fuctionality. Not to mention they slow boot times on the already cluttered windows boot.

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My fix

by SirBarks In reply to Everytime I have to repai ...

When the computer starts it doesn't start all of your wireless services.

Just hit start->run,
type "services.msc" (no quotes)

and look at which services are started but not automatic (they will be set to manual). Change some related to networking to automatic and pow you should be up and running.

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Hello is there anyone that could help me please i have the same problem.

by nutskills In reply to Everytime I have to repai ...

I have an ADVENT 4211C and everytime i try to connect wireless it doesnt let me. It shows all the networks in range but when i try to connect to my "unsecured" network it just says "please wait while windows connects to the something network" with a bar that moves from left to right then "waiting for network" but after 2 minutes nothing happens and this goes away showing all the networks in range including mine but yet still leaving me unconnected. Could someone please help me fix this i would really appreciate your help when i go to my friends he has a secured network it connects straight away with no problem all i needed was the network key the first time and it worked thats why i cant understand why mine wont strange. P.S thx everyone for your help again its really appreciated thx.

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Automatically repair wireless network connections

by richlane In reply to Everytime I have to repai ...

You could try Wireless Connection Monitor. It is a desktop application that monitors your wireless connection. In the event of a problem, the software automatically resets your wireless network connection.

The URL is

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