Eveythings there !!

By trflugum ·
I have a Dell tower with a RAID conig. between the C and D drives.Both bootable. Both XP. The C drive was infected with a trojan and was not booting properly. The D drive booted fine,but was a little slow. So, I did a quick cleanup on D and then rebooted,logged on D and it booted fine and all was well with that drive. Rebooted and went to safemode on C and ran trojan and virus scans. All went well,rebooted to C several times and works great. But,then I booted up to D again just make sure and it appeared as though a clean install took place at first glance. Default backround came up,basic icons and only default windows XP programs in 'All Programs'.I'm thinking "what the heck happened?" I then went the D drive icon in 'My Computer' and right clicked and selected 'Explore'. Low behold, everything was there!!,all the pics,all the programs and the desktop folder had all the original and added icons as usual. Somehow a bootup registry value got taken out or corrupted. Is there any way to configure the bootup to boot to the original desktop config.? Everythings on the drive, it's just not booting to it.

Signed, Frustrated

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Are you logging in to the right profile?

by seanferd In reply to Eveythings there !!

Sounds like the default or guest profile. If you are logging in correctly, perhaps the profile is corrupted.

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One profile

by trflugum In reply to Are you logging in to the ...

There is one profile per drive...
The profile was fine. It was if I loaded XP over my old files, but the files are not accessable thru the new default interface that windows left. I have to go to D drive(one profile,open the D drive icon and everything is there as usual. It's just not booting up with the system bootup !!

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