Eviction of Vongo... is it possible?

By specialyst ·
As you know, HP Notebooks came with junkware pre-installed. Of particular concern, Vongo is a real menace. While I've been able to use an app to remove its visible tracs from the registry (on an account-by-account basis), I feel as though it could resurface under some unforseen circumstance. How can I possible remove the installer, rootkit and/or tracks and triggers from the master restore partition, boot sector and anywhere else, for a permanent solution?

HP Pavilion
Windows XP Pro Media Center
Restore Partition (DVD discs were not provided).

Biggest Offender: Vongo installer, for online movie subscription

I use revo uninstaller pro to mitigate the installer, but when another account is created, vongo installer revives.
If I factor restore the computer, then all of the malware restores. This stuff was put onto the system by HP.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

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well, options are slim

by .Martin. In reply to Eviction of Vongo... is i ...

but did you try uninstalling using the built in windows installer, after a reboot, navigating to program files, navigate to the folder of Vongo, and delete any remaining files then using something like CCleaner to sift through the registry for left over registry files

the only way to get rid of Vongo permanently would be to do a restore, remove Vongo with the above steps, then making a new recovery partition using Acronis True Image

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Personally I would just contact HP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to well, options are slim

And buy a Recovery Set from them, then wipe the HDD with either Kill Disc


or Boot & Nuke


and reinstall the OS from the Recovery Set that HP supplies for about $30.00 AU.

Then fail to install Vongo to begin with.

However here you need to delete the Recovery Partition and the I386 Folder to prevent it reoccurring though that's going to make more problems that it fixes.


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