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Evil, hateful software

By CharlieSpencer ·
In a sidebar to Shellbot's 'Tumbleweeds' discussion, TR member Darryl~ described Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer 2007 as "the most hateful application I've used".

For me it was Scala InfoChannel, a video presentation package. We bought it around 2000 to create employee news displays for TV screens in our lobbies, cafeterias, etc. A vile app, it looked like a mid-80's DOS file management GUI. Take a look at this screenshot from a 1999 independent review:

None of the buttons or toolbars behaved like I expected; the whole interface ran counter to everything I'd learned about using a Windows-based app. (The review above considered this an asset!) I consistently had problems accurately inserting new pages where I wanted them. I quickly came to hate requests to update the content. After six months I recreated the entire presentation in PowerPoint, augmented by a couple of free plug-ins to handle refreshing the weather and traffic slides. It took a couple of days but was much easier to maintain.

In it's defense, it was way more tool than we needed, intended for presentations far more sophisticated than ours, a space shuttle when all we needed was Sputnik. It was selected by HR or PR without IT input, then handed to me without much training. Wikipedia says InfoChannel has been reborn as Scala5, but I hope to never encounter it. Once bitten...

What application causes you to cringe at the thought of having to use it?

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mine was

by jck In reply to Evil, hateful software

a software I won't name, for fear they might sue me.

It was a privately developed software out of a home-office in NJ that did payroll, budget, AR, AP, etc.

The SQL calls were horrible, half the custom coding they did for us didn't work, etc.

I ended up re-writing most of the application to work properly...after the owner of my company paid them $1ks for customs, then $1ks more for source code rights.

He should have just paid me instead...since I cleared only $808 a month at that job.

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Can I only pick one???

by Shellbot In reply to Evil, hateful software

DataEase... an old database app..its hideous.
Don't mind old tech.. cut my teeth on FoxPro..but DataEase is a piece of cr@p.

And Access..I despise access..I can't form words to say how much i truly hate it....

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I wondered how quickly Access would reared its key-shaped head.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can I only pick one???

I suspect it's going to be popular. Or unpopular. Whatever.

Access is to databases what PowerPoint is to presentations. Both make it too easy for someone to think they're creating chicken salad when they're actually working with chicken 'not-salad'.

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Its my number 1

by Shellbot In reply to I wondered how quickly Ac ...

i will do anything..and i mean anything to stay away from that one

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feel bad for me then

by jck In reply to Its my number 1

I'm maintaining a 3 app suite written entirely in Access/VBA.

I'm still trying to convince my boss to let me:

a) re-engineer the app in a web interface
b) re-engineer the database to be more efficient
c) do it after January 1.

I'm not real fond of Access either, and I am in the middle of 15,000 lines of VBA code and about 90 forms almost daily.

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Rather you than me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to feel bad for me then

There was one guy on here a while back explaining the joys of Javascript, 10,000 lines of it embedded in 100s of web pages....

My eyebrows went that far up I was able to to disguise my receding hairline for a week.

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LMAO ~nt~

by jck In reply to Rather you than me
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There's a really GOOD use for Access

by Dr Dij In reply to I wondered how quickly Ac ...

I wrote alot of crystal reports against large datasets.

Simple queries in access's grid let you pull up subsets very quickly to verify data.

often much quicker than crystal
but also can print a default dump without writing a report.

I would actually run xtal on one pc and access on the other to verify data.

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As a desktop adhoc analysis tool

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to There's a really GOOD use ...

or for trivial low volume (transactions and concurrent users more than data) apps, nothing wrong with it. It's when we get given it to do a high volumne multi user, ctitical client server enterprise back and front end people like me Shell and I tend to get somewhat irritated.

Nothing wrong with using it as a prototype either...

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An app can be evil and still be useful.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to There's a really GOOD use ...

I hate shucking corn, and it influences my decision to buy fresh corn on the cob, but it does serve a purpose.

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