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"Evil" network SSID appearing when router is turned on

By Mikebyrne000 ·
I was on a friends network today and we noticed an open SSID "Evil" within range.

This network was on the same channel and signal strength as his. When we turned off the router it disappeared, powered it back on and it reappeared.

I swapped out the router with a spare one and it seem to solve the issue.

What sort of attack would cause this? How can he prevent this in the future?

Any help would be great!

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by mark.dymond In reply to "Evil" network SSID appea ...

Reset the router and update the firmware.

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by Mikebyrne000 In reply to Re

We did that. The router was on the latest firmware though

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Weird SSID Names

by Vallum Halo In reply to "Evil" network SSID appea ...

Question back at you: Is it possible you just have a joker in the neighborhood?

For example, I sometimes see weird SSID names such as "Mobile CIA Operative 110A", or "I Am Watching You, Buddy." It is probably someone just using their SSID name as a form of expression.

This makes less sense if you are living in the country away from everyone. But in the city, you will have SSIDs all over the place, of course.

Regardless, I wouldn't get worried just yet.

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by chriswilds In reply to Weird SSID Names

I'd say naming your WiFi "Viruses found here" is a great way to ward off attackers. If somebody thinks you just MIGHT be hosting nasties, they might be less likely to try to connect to your router.

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