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Evil Plans- Help Shell plan the perfect party!

By Tig2 ·
Shell is planning a party, we should give her a hand. Will be a BBQ with her daughter as hostess. What wonderful ideas do you have for this kind of thing?

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Water Balloons

by WingedMonkey In reply to Evil Plans- Help Shell pl ...

No less then a thousand,
Fireworks, lots and lots and lots,
Set up a target range and have the geusts take shots with Bows/Arrows and Pellet Rifles.
Big Bonfire,,

What? That's the way we used to throw them in North Carolina.

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First things first

by jdclyde In reply to Evil Plans- Help Shell pl ...

will the be a party for family? Teens? Adults?

Need just a bit more info on this, so the plans can be catered to the right crowd.

What is the occasion? Just for the heck of it?

Shell, your having a big party, and I have to find out about it third hand?

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Re-directing Shell's daughter

by Tig2 In reply to First things first

The "bf" goes on holidays for a week, looking for something that Shell's daughter can do in his absence.

Note: The "bf" is a problem boy.

So 15+ is the age group, GG suggested BBQ- good choice considering the weather over there.

You know the challenges Shell has had with all this- I thought we could help her plan...

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by gadgetgirl In reply to First things first

start here and work your way down (DE!)and you'll get a better idea of how this started....

not third hand, love, you were just in the wrong thread when it sorta all came together, y'know??**6&messageID=2064045

(sowwy! )


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At your request

by jdclyde In reply to Babz....

I am starting to go down where you directed. do let me know if I miss something? ]:)

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You MUST have missed "something"

by gadgetgirl In reply to At your request

'cos I never felt anything..... ]:)


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~evil grin~

by Jaqui In reply to Babz....

double entry? ]:)
gg, I didn't know you were that kinky. ]:)

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No, dear....

by gadgetgirl In reply to ~evil grin~

not entry, entendre.

And you should know better, considering you know I have IBS!!!


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by Jaqui In reply to No, dear....

you can call it entendre, I'll call it entry.

double penetration is another name for it. ]:)

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First, Tig

by gadgetgirl In reply to Evil Plans- Help Shell pl ...

we need to get an idea from Shell of the numbers involved.

We need to plan for vegetarians, too.

Suggest a people/things to do/things to eat/timings/drinks order of play.

No doubt she'll supply her own music, but Shell needs to look at the logistics of electricals - not just for music, but for any fans etc. they may need outside if it's superhot (like right now)

Also, start hijacking cooler bags from all and sundry to put the drinks in, and remember to put ice cubes from the local supermarket on the shopping list!

Shell is SuperMum! Yay!


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