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Ex 5.5 Server Locks After Blocking Relay

By ltheodoru ·
I stopped relaying except for inside networks on our server a couple of weeks ago. Since then almost every morning we have to reboot the server. It is Exchange 5.5 on NT 4. The consultant who built it before I was hired created a system volume that is only 590 MB. The server is scheduled to be replaced next year, so spending money to upgrade it out of the question.

I checked the log and it shows a great deal of use by what look to be spammers around 3AM. I have a theory that their spamgets stored on our server in temp files, and since we no longer relay it for them, it quickly fills up all remaining disk space on the system volume. Am I correct? How do I resolve this other than daily reboots?

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Ex 5.5 Server Locks After Blocking Relay

by acattr In reply to Ex 5.5 Server Locks After ...

When mail is relayed by spammers it is kept in the \exchsrvr\imcdata, where is your installation drive. So any temp files created by spammers would be located there.

If your system volume only has 590MB, I would imagine moving files off it would be tricky. You can change the temp folder path to another volume, and move the pagefile to make space. Otherwise you need to reinstall that server .

You can use the NT or 2000 resource kit command line tools shutdown.exe or ntReboot.exe andschedule a reboot every morning.

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Ex 5.5 Server Locks After Blocking Relay

by ltheodoru In reply to Ex 5.5 Server Locks After ...

Turns out the MS intructions for blocking relaying were not working. I blocked relaying at the firewall instead, then deleted the 68,000 messages in the outgoing queue. The problems have been resolved.

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