Ex-empolyee Email?

By a.portman ·
How do you handle business continuity when someone leaves? I am finding mailboxes active for people who have not been with the company for more than 6 months.

Do you transfer emails to the new person?
Allow the new person access to the old account?
Change the name from oldperson to newperson?

We are a US company. I have a feeling we are crossing some legal boundaries I would rather not.

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These problems should have been addressed when employment ended,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Ex-empolyee Email?

not leaving them to be dealt with 6 months or more down the road. At this point, the emails are basically company property, and one of the company officers should be assigned to go through them and see what contents are there, make appropriate replies, forward to the new person in the position, whatever needs done. If they are personal emails, should be deleted and maybe a notice sent to sender that the "mailbox is no longer on the server" or some such notice. This should be documented before, during and after it is performed.
Ideally, this would have been done at the moment the individual employee involved was no longer employed.

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More logistical than legal problem.

by Charles Bundy In reply to Ex-empolyee Email?

E-Mail is company property. This is really more a management and policy issue than technical. In those places where we had policy it was -

Disuse logon accounts, update records to that effect and get employee manager sign off as to who gets access to e-mail/network share. Typically leave e-mail active (inbound) for 2 weeks to a month. For security reasons we didn't do autoreply, and the manager's pick is responsible for notification to e-mail correspondence. Delete account after six months. Delete backup archives after 1 year.

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