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Ex-Military Looking For Ideas...

By bad_syntax ·
I just found out I'll be getting medically discharged out of the U.S. Army probably by the end of the year. I won't be getting disability I don't think and will need a job quite soon after getting out.

I was active from 1993-1997, got out and promptly went to work doing IT. Started as a tech, and within 4 years was architecting/migrating networks such as Compaq,, and EDS. I came back active in 2001 right after 9/11 and now am looking to get out again. I have over 15 years of IT experience doing just about everything, mostly windows but pretty familiar with the various unix/linux flavors as well. I currently have an interim security clearance (which should be done by the time I get out) and have wrote quite a few applications for the army's use.

I want to try for government work to get a head start to retirement, but from what I see people have more success through networking then slamming employers with resumes. I've noticed the government resumes also take a LONG time to do in comparison to attaching a DOC file to a cover letter email.

Is there any assistance anybody out there may be able to give to help out my search and reduce my spouses stress level? My target area is San Antonio or Austin TX but a great job would allow me to move anywhere (even overseas).

FYI my "disability" is non-deployability based on diet restrictions (I'm infantry if that makes more sense), other then that I'm A-Ok.

Thanks tons for any assistance you can provide,
Bad Syntax

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Military Contractors

by TheChas In reply to Ex-Military Looking For I ...

Have you looked into companies with military contracts?

Most military and government contractors are very happy to hire ex-GIs.

Having a large number of ex-GIs helps them get more contracts.

One place to take a look is Federal Computer Week.
They keep pretty good track of the IT segment of the Federal Government.


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Seperating wheat from chaff.

I've noticed the government resumes also take a LONG time to do in comparison to attaching a DOC file to a cover letter email.
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If you want to work for the government, it's really worth it to go through all that initial paperwork - far more than any resume in civillian life.

If you don't want to work for the government anymore, be forewarned that the transition to civillian life is NOT a lateral move. A LOT of the professional and personal skills you learn in the military don't translate well to civillian life. Be ready for the hit or it will blindside you.

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I Think You Answered Your Own Question.

by rayeni In reply to Ex-Military Looking For I ...

Networking is the key. Do you have any civilians in your food chain? If so, start interfacing with them about employment opportunities. How well did you get along with your DOIM? If well, I would try to talk to them also. Make sure you get the full SECRET clearance before you separate.

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Make sure you get the full SECRET clearance before you separate.
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How does that work - coudl you explain? When I got outta the Navy in '88, I had a secret clearance. But as part of the discharge process they had me sign a chit acknowledging that it was no longer in effect. I understand everybody has to do that.

I know a lot of background goes into the clearance process, so maybe it doesn't have to be repeated if you take a classified civillian job. Is there some specific document the newly liberated fellow should make sure stays in his service record, or that he should keep a copy of for himself?

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by fireIT In reply to I Think You Answered Your ...

Security clearances received before getting out do not apply afterwards. If getting a civilian position, you would still need to re-do the entire process. (This comes from personal experience and an explanantion with my local security personnel.) There are differences in "needs" for clearances between a soldier and a civilian.

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EDS Navy/Marine contract

EDS has a big outsourcing contract with the Navy and the Marines to build up a new IT infrastructure.

Your past experience there, diverse skills, and military background (ok, it's not the Army ;-) )might come in handy.

The project, whose name escapes me at this moment, has had difficulties, but that may only increase your chances if your skills fit.

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by newcompspec In reply to EDS Navy/Marine contract

The project is NMCI (Navy Marine Corps Intranet), from what I've heard from users that have been "cut over" it has been nothing but a headache so far.

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USA Jobs

by newcompspec In reply to Ex-Military Looking For I ...

Government jobs are generally listed on the OPM website. Here you search jobs and post your resume online. The system is working much better than it has in the past. Be prepared, the application system is working well but the hiring agency may take a while to complete their part of the process.

Good luck!

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have you considered tourism as a change.

by mlkiely In reply to Ex-Military Looking For I ...

we were looking for guides and tour operators who could lead groups of people on weekly excursions. If you can relate to people and actually enjoy the outdoors and wilderness then consider tourism as a change of career.You can reply direct to my mail address if you would be interested.It definately pays better than the military.

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