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    EX2007 HA


    by waelnady1 ·

    I want to implement Exchange 2007 HA solution with 200 mailboxes but I’m new with Exchange 2007 so I have couple of questions:
    – How Storage controller should be because these confuse me a lot, have it to be SAN or it is not necessary and I can use lower cost storage implementation (could it be any external HD if not please specify some storage devices as example)
    – How CCR could help more than SCC cause I have read it lower cost and administration
    – have I to install EX2007 SP1 or to use Rollup 7 will be enough or these are separate components that I have to install both and if there is link to EX2007 SP1 only cause what I have found is E2K7SP1EN64 854.7 MB which is EX2007 + SP1

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      You should really post this as a Question

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to EX2007 HA

      Where different people cruise that side of this Forum who may be able to help better.

      You will also get a auto generated notification whenever anyone responds to your question.

      But in answer here as Exchange 2007 is a 64 Bit Application you need a 64 Bit OS to run it on so you need to look at Server 2008 or a 64 Bit Version of Server 2003. Exchange 2003 is a 32 Bit application and as such will run on most Operating Systems currently available without problems.


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