Exactly what happens during a Vista Upgrade?

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My brother bought a new HP Core Duo PC with Vista Home installed that he uses to run his business. Now he wants to use Remote Desktop and install a TV card. Of course, these features require an upgrade, so I would like to bump him up to Vista Ultimate. But he already has several important applications installed. Are these apps going to get "broken" during an upgrade? Or is the upgrade process more graceful than I suspect? I am just trying to plan this to minimize downtime.

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First things first...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Exactly what happens duri ...

Because you say "Of course, these features require an upgrade" there are a few questions:

Which version is it - Vista Home 'WHAT'? - Basic or Premium?

If it is 'Basic' you will first have to consider if the machine is capable of running Ultimate. Usually, from what I've seen, any OEMs with 'Basic' pre-installed have that version because the PC can barely achieve the processing power to adequately run it.

In that instance, upgrading to 'Ultimate' could lead to all sorts of problems.

What marque of Core Duo?
How much RAM is in this PC?
What graphics capability does it have?
What size harddrive(s)?

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