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Examining Microsoft's recent attack on open source

By JimHM ·

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I must agree with the Author

by JimHM In reply to Examining Microsoft's rec ...

You have to sit back an wonder why Microsoft that started, by giving the market what they wanted to now blocking or trying to kill what the market wants.
Hello - Microsoft -
An open system does forster innovation - lets use a non-computer example. The Automobile or the assembly line - hum others took that "technology" of the time and built on top of it. It we followed Microsoft lead we would still be driving Ford modle T's, with the innovative items Microsoft/Gates wants us to have. Open availablity permits innovation by permitting others to build on an established base and improve the product. Other examples - Televisions, Radios, Airplanes, gee lets just say 95% of the products on the market today.

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Allchin insults our intelligence

by sidekick In reply to I must agree with the Aut ...

As soon as I read the quote, I didn't have to read the rest of the article to know what Allchin said is backwards. Does he expect us to actually believe this stuff. Sounds like a desperate attempt to shoot down the competition (in this case, the open source community).
Maybe Microsoft should jump on the bandwagon for a change and start releasing open source software. I know that won't happen, but I thought you could use a laugh. But they are going to have to do something.

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Opposing Philosophies

by wboyd In reply to Allchin insults our intel ...

When a corporation is formed it takes on a life of its own. Microsoft has become very successful, as attest how many "millionaires" have come out of and by its stock. A life form has within itself the command above all else, to survive. Any threat to that survival will be dealt with. A free and open source that cannot be bought is obviously a threat to any commercial corporate entity. If the open-source entity meets with popular approval and also survives and prospers, we may yet see two collossi at odds before one or the other succumbs. Altruism is a rare construct indeed within commerce and industry. Consider family farming --what has happened as agri- conglomerates pressure for every possible dollar in the food supply business. Reality is not always personally enjoyable but that, too, depends upon the observer's philosophy. We watch movies and television -- we observe inevitable clashes between opposing philosophies, just as we endure global warming and earthquakes. Let's watch the progress of Open Source vs Microsoft with detachment. As much as I delight in open source, I wouldn't bet my meagre bank account on it in today's climate.

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Altruism will never beat the buck...

by jamesstringer In reply to Opposing Philosophies

Who cares about open source. It doesn't have a chance against capitalism.

Freebees closely resemble socialism, a.k.a. communism.

Capitalism is as american as mom's apple pie.

Microsoft shouldn't bother themselve's about such trivial matters.

Americans and the world will always buy as long as Microsoft continues to innovate to the users needs.

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I take it youve never used PKZIP

by outside In reply to Altruism will never beat ...

I take it you have never used PKZIP or other freeware and you have paid for all your shareware.

Also, I hope you will be happy to pay for the air that you will breathe when the environment is so polluted that clean air is metered (not such an unfeasible speculation).

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I have used PKzip

by Andylb In reply to I take it youve never use ...

I have used (and paid for) PKzip, which is not free nor is it open-source. I have also used InfoZIP, which is free and is open-source. Of the two, I would choose InfoZIP for its greater portability and number of features. Because of open-source, InfoZIP has been ported to more different types of OS's and hardware than PKzip, which is still restricted to DOS, MS Windows, and Intel.

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microsoft just wants more cash

by leogarvey In reply to I have used PKzip

doesn't micrsloth have enough goddamn money does the urchin guy or whatever the **** his name is really need to meddle in the open source world . He's a f*cking moron and seems to have not read the license of gpl.
f*ck microsquish pirate all their software decompile it reassemble it better if you can.
the internet is supposd to be a place of information exchange not a corporate conquest......

icmp13 ......

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to I have used PKzip

there is a PkZip that's native to Linux. I've got it on my system. Runs pretty well.

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Microsoft innovates to users??

by mikegiovanni23 In reply to Altruism will never beat ...

Uh... when has MS made innovative products for users? They got the OS contract from IBM before they had an OS, they didn't develop DOS, they bought it and IBM was stupid enough to license instead of purchase the rights. Since then they've done one good thing and that's get people used to the idea that OS's crash and are unreliable since they put out apps that have barely been debugged (and we pay for the priviledge of debugging their software?), that's why we are so used to service packs and patches...debugging takes time and MS knows that it can ship, people will buy, and it can take it's merry time letting us find all the bugs and security holes in Exchange while it takes it's time writing patches. -- Maybe you'll forgive anything for a blue background, but I'd rather some reliable source code than a prety interface. -- Oh, BTW, ask all those MS loyalist developers how exciting the lack of backwards compatibility in MS latest offering of Visual Basic -- I guess they couldn't figure out how to include Object-Oriented capabilities without introducing a new round of incompatibilites between legacy apps and apps written in the new code all the VB deveopers will have to learn.

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by NathanielL In reply to Microsoft innovates to us ...

While I don't agree with everything MS has done, especially some earlier ruthless tactics, it is true that imitation is the purest form of flattery.

Have you ever used WordPerfect for Windows? It's got bugs too. Have you ever used Sun's StarOffice? It's got bugs too. Have you ever used Intuit's Quicken? It's got bugs too. Have you ever used Netscape? It's got bugs too. Have you ever used Linux? It's got bugs too. Have you ever used TaxCut? It's got bugs too. Have you ever used BeOS? It's gotbugs too......

Like I said before NO software doesn't have bugs. If you purchase a software package and it doesn't work, take it back! If the store won't take it back, complain long and hard to the manufacturer. They'll give you your money back.

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