Example a Jokes Folder

By rlalseta ·
Hello all,

I want to create example a jokes folder in the exchange 2003 server and that can be seen on the outlook mailboxes.People are spreading

People can put the jokes and read the jokes through that folder but cannot delete.

I am not much experienced with exchange server but want multiple jokes to be spreading around.

Thank you.

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Public Folders

by Travler92 In reply to Example a Jokes Folder

Create the folder
To create a public folder, open Outlook and expand the Public Folders container. Right click on the All Public Folders container and then select the New Folder command from the resulting shortcut menu. When you do, you will see a dialog box appear that asks you for three pieces of information.
First, you must enter a name for the new folder. Second, you must select the folder's contents. The folder's contents can be mail and post items, calendar items, contacts or just about any other type of data that Outlook recognizes. Finally, you must navigate through the public folder tree and select the new folder's location within the public folder hierarchy. Once you have done this, click OK and the new folder will be created.
Although you must create public folders through Outlook, you must set the folder's permissions through Exchange System Manager.
Set the permissions
When you open System Manager, navigate to Administrative Groups | your administrative group | Servers | your server | First Storage Group | Public Folder Store. Now, right click on the Public Folder Store container and select the Properties command from the resulting shortcut menu. When you do you will see the Public Folder Store Properties sheet. This properties sheet allows you to control the general behavior of the public information store. The main thing that I wanted to show you on this properties sheet is the Security tab. The Security tab sets up the permissions across the entire public folder store. This is where you can specify who should and should not be allowed to create or delete public folders. This is important because you don't want one of your users creating their own unauthorized public folders or deleting yours.
To set the permissions on an individual public folder, expand the System Manager's Public Folder Store container and select the Public Folders container beneath it. All of the server's public folders will appear in the details pane. Now, right click on an individual public folder and then select the Properties command from the resulting shortcut menu. Doing so will open the folder's properties sheet.
Permissions over the folder are set through the properties sheet's Permissions tab. This tab contains two buttons: Client Permissions and Administrative Rights. If you click the Client Permissions button, you will be able to set up the rights that various users or groups have over the folder. Simple check boxes allow you to grant or revoke public folder specific rights such as create items, read items, create sub folder, folder owner, folder contact and folder visible.

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