Excel 03/07 link picture from one workbook to another

By StealthWiFi ·

I have an Excel 2003 workbook (also a copy in 07) and we are trying to create a limited "Front End" in another Excel 03 workbook. I have the limited data linked into the new workbook and all is fine there. The trouble is there are pictures in some cells that are not being linked over (just displays a 0 in that cell)

I have tried using the camera option in Excel which displays the pictures but we need to be able to sort the data so it won't work for us. I know a real database backend and Excel/other front end would be better but Excel is all I can work with currently.

Basicly is there a way for picture's stored in Workbook A to be linked to Workbook B? If the picture is replaced in A it is updated to B and so forth...

Thanks all for your assistance in this!


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Still Trying

by StealthWiFi In reply to Excel 03/07 link picture ...

I have tried a few more ways to embed the picture to the cell, still no luck. Any Ideas?

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by StealthWiFi In reply to Still Trying

Any ideas at all?

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Link photo

by lay98 In reply to Anyone?

You can do the following
a. the work sheet having the picture to be referred to (Worksheet 1)
click at the cell having a picture
Edit -> copy

b. The work sheet going to have the referenced picture (Worksheet 2)
clcik at the cell going to have the referenced picture
hold <Shift> key, then Edit->paste picture Link

so when there is update of the picutre in worksheet1, the changes will be reflected in work sheet2

Details please use the excel help on the Create a picture from cells, a chart, or an object topic

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