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Excel 2002 Cell Word Wrap

By Lost4now ·
I am the keeper of an action item register that I started in Excel 2002 around the first of this year. My spreadsheet is laid out with columns for an action item number, owner, description, date opened, date due, date closed, and action taken/remarks. The action taken/remarks column is giving me problems. I am keeping a running log of the status such as
9/14 - Placed Order
Then I press Alt+Enter to add another line entry for the next date and status. This has worked well until the status takes up more that 18 word wrapped lines in the cell. At this point, no matter how I format the cell, I do not see the remaining lines once I click out of the action taken/remarks cell. If I click in the cell, I can see all the text in the fx function bar. So the text is there it is just not word wrapping all the lines. I am sure there is a limitation to the amount of characters a cell will hold but I thought it was quite large. Is there a limit to the number of word wrapped lines or times you can use Alt+Enter in a cell? By the way, I frequently cut and paste text updates from Outlook that other team members send. Don't know if that is a factor too. Here are my cell settings:
Cell formatted as Category: General, Text alignment Horizontal: General, Text alignment Vertical: Bottom, Text control: Work Wrap checked, Right?to-Left text Direction: Context, Font: Ariel/Regular/8pt, No borders or pattern, Protection: Locked checked.
Any ideas on how to format my cells to be able to see all the text word wrapped properly would be appreciated.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Excel 2002 Cell Word Wrap

It's a limitation for cell (row) High. This allow you a max. 409 of high.

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by bschaettle In reply to Excel 2002 Cell Word Wrap

I know Excel is tempting, but I've learned to not trust it for most business solutions unless you're dealing strictly with numbers and SHORT text strings. Instead of storing the actual text, you might want to just have a hyperlink to a document holding the text. Messy, I know.

Do you use Outlook / Exchange Server?
I built a similar solution using a Public Folder that holds "Task" items. It's very easy to add custom data fields that can be used to sort and display the folder contents, and the body of the Task item can be used to log progress. Copies of pertinent Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc., can be pasted into the body as well. My users love it, and it only took me about 2 hours to get it set up and customized for them.

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