Excel 2002 -- Creating a trigger to prompt user when data changes

By meastrogn ·
After several days of futile attempts, I turn to you all for an answer that eludes me.

I am writing a planning spreadsheet that totals time used in a concert as each piece and its timing is entered. I need to have one cell that will recognize that the total time for the pieces has changed and alert the user to change an ancillary value elsewhere on the sheet.

Thus, if the total time = 0:10:00 and the user enters another piece that is 0:1:35 long, the new total would be 0:11:35. So far, so good, my sheet does that just fine.

Where I crash is in making a single-cell conditional alert formula that compares the new total with the old, and, if there is a change, it will alert the user with text in that cell.

Can you help, please.


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An Excel Alerting Cell

by XLTR In reply to Excel 2002 -- Creating a ...

When I want to do something along the lines you've discussed, I create the message in a cell formatted with no background and white text (or a colored background and text formatted in the same color). The text is there, but it's not visible (except in the formula bar). I apply conditional formatting that changes the color of the background (or the font) so when the condition is met, the text becomes visible.

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