Excel 2002 macro help needed

By anon125 ·
Sub goalSeekSample()
Dim seekValue As Double
Dim changeCell As Range
seekValue = InputBox("What's the value to seek?")
For Each changeCell In Range("N14:N32").Cells
changeCell.GoalSeek Goal:=seekValue, _
ChangingCell:=changeCell.Offset(0, -4)
Next changeCell
End Sub

This macro opens a box, i type a number and it goes down the software using goal seek to adjust column J to achieve that number in column N on each row.
it works fine.
but instead of inputing the number, i would like it to look at the cell to the right (column "O" ) and use that number.
this will increase the net amount by the multiplier 'inflation'

note recording the number wont work cos goal seek wont accepet cell addresses.
thanks all
this is the excel file

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