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Excel 2002 Pivot Tables

By bgoldstein ·
Is there a way to apply an existing pivot table in one workbook to a different workbook?

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Excel 2002 Pivot Tables

by kees.valkenswaard In reply to Excel 2002 Pivot Tables


However, it depends on your layout if it is worthwhile doing this.

As you are very precise in your question I have hardly to assume anything. So it will be very easy to reject this answer. It is, however, possible to add comment to your original posting. I will also subscribe to this question and thus be informed by TechRepublic.

Maybe I sound a little bit harsh. That is because today two people rejected an answer I had given because it satisfied not the full 100%of their [hidden,additional] requirements. So, I have probably to apologise.

Well, here is the situation. I have to assume that you use the same column headings with different data in the second worksheet. If not, see above.

Make sure both workbooks are opened. Make the one, say ONE, with the existing pivot table active. Menu EDIT, move or copy worksheet.

Copy [do not forget to check the box] the sheet with the pivot table to the other workbook {TWO].

Look there [in TWO] for the pivot table wizard. Go back to step 1. Change the reference to the table in the first workbook [ONE] to the table in the second workbook [the one containing the copy of the table, here TWO]
Finish the wizard and that is it.

Maybe your question is even simpler. You want to use the pivot table in ONE for the data in TWO. The only thing to do is changing the reference in step 1 of the wizard [by going back] to the data in TWO and finish the wizard.
You just can select the table in the other workbook and all the references will be made for you.

NOTE If you made changes always save first the workbook to which a link has been made [e.g. TWO] and after that the one containing the link [here ONE]
Good luck

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Excel 2002 Pivot Tables

by bgoldstein In reply to Excel 2002 Pivot Tables

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Excel 2002 Pivot Tables

by bgoldstein In reply to Excel 2002 Pivot Tables

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