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Excel 2003

By nhoek ·
I have a very odd problem here. Our company has a some excel spread sheets that contain hyperlinks. This hyperlinks link to other spread sheets, pictures and word docs. All these links worked great until we changed some OS's and servers. Here is what happened. We originally had the spread sheets and the linked files on a Win NT 4.0 server using Win98 Clients with Office 2000/97. We then upgraded the clients to XP Pro with Office 2003. The hyperlinks would would work until you saved them then you would get errors. So we then moved the spread sheets to a 2000 server leaving the links on a NT 4.0 server. They then worked again even once you saved them. We then got rid of our NT 4.0 Servers and replaced them with 2003 servers and moved the spreed sheets and links to a 2003 server. Again the links stopped working when you saved the spread sheets. We would like to keep the spreed sheets and links files on the 2003 server as the 2000 server will be removed soon. Things I have tried. If I put the spreed sheet on my local XP Pro (NTFS) running office 2003 (leaving the linked files on the server) I can edit the spread sheet and links save them and they work fine. I can also leave the spread sheets on the 2003 box and edit them with a Win XP pro box running Office 2000 they work fine. So I am leaning towards something in Office 2003 (namely Excel) that is causing the problem. Possibly security with Office 2003 and the 2003 server. I can not find anything on the MS site regarding this issue. Any ideas ?

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by ReWrite In reply to Excel 2003

What's the specific error you are getting? What do the event logs say from the workstations and the servers?



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by glyall In reply to Excel 2003

files that have links work better if they are in the same directory. If files are in different dircetories or drives then problems start when updated are done

Good Luck

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by nhoek In reply to Excel 2003

The error or message we get once we save the spreed sheet and try to open a link again is "The address of this site is not available. Please check the address and try again".

We would prefer to keep all the links where they are. At one time it worked fine this way. And also we have certain files that only certain people can or should get at. And if we put them in one folder everyone would be able to access everything. There would also be hundreds and hundreds of files rangeing from .xls, .docs and .jpgs. It would just be a mess.

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by nhoek In reply to Excel 2003

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