Excel 2003 - Cell format problem in application

By lynn ·
Using Excel 2003. Cell is formatted as number. There is no formula applied to the cell(s). User enters a number and it is automatically divided by 100. This happens in every excel spreadsheet,new or old. Number goes in ok if the cell is formatted as text. Have uninstalled and reinstalled excel, but does not eliminate the problem. You can open excel in safemode and it does work correctly.

How can I fix this problem so we do not have to work in safemode?

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Excel 2003 - Cell format ...

go to tools and options.Go to calculation tab and tick the automatic box.job done

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Calculation tab

by lynn In reply to excel

Looked at that option. It did not work. Did find the answer though. Tools/Options/Edit uncheck fixed decimal. Thank you for your assistance.

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Division by 100

by sashikumarp In reply to Excel 2003 - Cell format ...

Go to Tools -->Options-->Edit--> Uncheck Fixed Decimal.

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Cell format problem in application

by madrem In reply to Excel 2003 - Cell format ...

Go to tools, options , edit and in the fixed decimal places change the value to "0". This should take care of the problem. Your current value is likely to be 2 since your numbers are getting divided by 100.

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by Maureen.mcgrath In reply to Cell format problem in ap ...

Thanks for the advice. I experienced the same problem, found your solution and solved it! It was quite frustrating when it seemed to just start doing this one day. I thought my PC would need an exorcism!

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by michaelpatrickkenny In reply to Perfect!

It's funny, I just solved the same problem. I had been trying to update my settings to eliminate the annoying formatting box that appears every time I cut n Paste and did not understand what that option meant, promptly forgot what I did, and thought I had a virus or something!

I had to post because you posted a mere two days ago, both of us years after the question was first posted!

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