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Excel 2003 Conditional Format

By don.rolison ·
I have set up conditional format to change the color of the text in a cell when Yes or No has been entered.
Yes changes the text color to Green and No changes the text color to green.

I would like all the text in the row to change color when I answer Yes or No in a specific cell.
The cell with the Yes?No is F1 I need to change color on A1-F1.

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by RDK55 In reply to Excel 2003 Conditional Fo ...

You should be able to do this by setting a conditional format for the entire range and basing it on a formula instead of the value for your initial cell (F1).

Select the range that you want to change (A1-F1).
In Conditional Format change your condition from "Cell Value" to "Formula is".
Enter your formula for the first condition as =$F$1="YES".
Format your text accordingly.

Enter your second formatting condition the same way and you should be all set.

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by zimonar In reply to Excel 2003 Conditional Fo ...

Mr. don.rolison & Mr. RDK55, I thought could answer the question, it is very important. I also followed your step Mr. RDK55; entered the formula for the second condition as =$A$1="No" and format my text. All the selected range is formatted in Condition 1 only, as =$F$1="Yes". I mean, "Yes" and "No" still have the same Formatting! I also would like to have different formatting by using the Conditional Formatting for both:
=IF(SUM(H6:H9)=SUM(E12:G12),"Yes","No")→ as =$F$1="Yes"
=IF(SUM(H6:H9)>SUM(E12:G12),"Yes","No")→ as =$A$1="No"
One color for =$F$1="Yes" and another color for =$A$1="No"
Thank you for your question that helped me Mr. don.rolison
And thank you for your answer Mr. RDK55.

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