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    Excel 2003 flashes open then immediately closes on XP machine?


    by compujacks ·

    Hello all and thank you for reading.

    I work for a medium size company that runs a server based network. The server runs 2003SE. For quite some time, there are a number of users that complain that sometimes, when opening an excel file, the file will *flash* open and then close immediately. However, if you open up the Excel program and then use the file>open>then navigate to the location of the file method, it will open with no problems.

    There are also times where, well, let me have the user tell it in her own words:

    “Twice I went to print a spreadsheet and Excel just closed. One was a file on the network and one was an attachment to an email”
    “FYI – Various times today, 4 to be exact, the excel spreadsheets would either not open (double click on a file, it flashed open, then immediately closed Excel down), or open the file, let me work in it some then it???d shut Excel down, or with the printing issue. I even rebooted my computer mid-day today for another issue (iSeries Navigator) and the Excel issue continued. Wow??????.”

    I’ve taken all the usual steps including:

    Clearing the cache on the local machine.
    Emptying the temp folders (i.e. c://windows/temp, etc) and have run latest version of Ccleaner as well.
    I’ve defragged the drive
    I’ve completely removed MS Office 2003 using the Office Removal Tool via Microsoft, and reinstalled MS Office again.
    Have run the detect and repair tool on the ‘problem’ files

    I have about 3 users having this problem and they have been complaining for some time (about 3 mos). Nothing I’ve tried has worked so I humbly as for any suggestions!


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      by compujacks ·

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      Tried starting Excel in safe mode?

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to Excel 2003 flashes open then immediately closes on XP machine?

      Sometimes a corrupted or flaky add-in can cause Excel to crash.
      excel.exe /s

      What add-ins, if any are you using?

      The program itself does not typically crash like this, but add-ins will crash it.

      Also, don’t forget that Office applications have THREE file storage locations: Where the user file is, where the temp files are, and where the autorecover file is stored.

      Each of these are set in either the App or the OS. If the app auto-recover location is pointed to a location that does not exist, or there is an issue with that loction (like it contains a million files, or is corrupted, fragemented), then the office app will bork, big time.

      Be especially careful if the autorecover or temp files are accidentally set to a LAN drive. Since LAN drives are often configured (or misconfigured) to time-out, and sometimes there are issues with latency and even file-locking, exercise caution before pointing everything at the LAN drive.

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        by compujacks ·

        In reply to Tried starting Excel in safe mode?

        Awesome help. These are all new suggestions for me and I will locate everything you mentioned the best I can.

        I know for sure there are not any add-ins, but the ‘three file storage locations” suggestion may be where the problem lies. I’ll post back after I investigate

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