EXCEL 2003 Graphs Not Displaying Correctly in EXCEL 2007?

By bds_1959 ·
I have a user that created some EXCEL bar graphs in 2003. They are not displaying correctly in EXCEL 2007 - there are just thin lines where the graphs should be. WTF??? I could see the problem POSSIBLY happening if it was a graph created in 2007 not displaying correctly in 2003? But THIS??? HELP!!! Or am I just going to have to have it PDF'ed?

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Microsoft is not always backward compatible

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to EXCEL 2003 Graphs Not Dis ...

They never claim that their products will work properly let alone claim that what was created in one application will be displayed in another version that they come out with.

The very big problem with Office here though is what is used in the creation of things so you need to look at the Formatting and any Special Features that where used in the Original not allowing the graph to display.

Here the easy answer may be to install the Excel 2003 Viewer on the computer that you want to display the graph on so it's rendered correctly or as you say PDF the original on a system that has Office 2003 loaded and not 2007.


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Reponse To Answer

by bds_1959 In reply to Microsoft is not always b ...

Thanks! I'll give that a try - didn't think of that.

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