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By vivsdotdk ·
Hi everybody - your are my last hope!
In recent versions of Excel you could use ctrl + or - (minus) to add or remove rows and columns.
It doesn't work in v2007.
Is it really true that you need to use ALT + varous menu letters to do the trick.
Thank you in advance to the hero that helps me out.
Vivi Mathiesen

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This appears to be a known bug...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Excel 2007 -

... especially if you're not using the English version of Office 2007 but use it on Windows Vista.

In that forum thread, the workaround seems to be to set Excel to run in WinXP compatibility mode.

<edited to add>

You might try CTRL+SHIFT+Plus (+) which displays the Insert dialog box to insert blank cells and you will have a choice to select insert whole row. I don't have Excel 2007 to test it with, but I found that shortcut listed on one of the MS tutorial sites. This key combination does not work in my version (2003).

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by vivsdotdk In reply to This appears to be a know ...

Thank you for taking your time to find that thread. I had already spent hours and hours on the net (incl. MS Site) with no luck.
As I'm new in this forum I don't know if or how to give you credit (points) for this, but you definately deserve a lot!

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Since you're new....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to THANK YOU!

... look underneath where it says the person's nickname. There is a link that says "Mark as helpful" next to "View Profile" and "Add to Contacts". At least, that's what I think it says. I can't remember myself because it only appears for the person who started the question.

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