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Excel 2007 Conditional Formatting: Range of values

By wyndham ·
I am familiar with conditional formatting in Excel 2007 and have successfully highlighted cells which contain specific values.

The problem is I can't find a way to reference a range of values and therefore have to create several different conditions, as follows:

"Specific Text Containing "8/4 "
"Specific Text Containing "9/4 "
- ten entries to cover two weeks.

The cells contain journal type entries with dates as shown in the example above.

Is there a way to specify a range of values? I've tried naming a range but this didn't work.

I've also tried using a formula similar to the following but couldn't get it to reference a range:

=NOT(ISERR(SEARCH("10/4 ",C5)))
=NOT(ISERR(SEARCH(insert range here,C5)))

Any ideas?

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