Excel 2007 Conditional Formatting -rows based on value in a cell

By d.m.ray ·
I use conditional formatting to highlight a row that may incude 50 or more columns. There may only be 10 fields that have data.

I put a code (S=Scheduled for example) in column A and the entire row is shaded light red using the formula =$A1="s"

Is there a way that I could just highlight the fields that have data rather than the entire row?

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Did you read the article?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Excel 2007 Conditional Fo ...

You really should post this question as a reply to the article. But, we'll try to help, if we can.

If you read the article, in step 3 it said to select just cells in the specific column that you want to apply the conditional formatting to. If you've selected the entire row in your formula, it's going to highlight the entire row. So, in your example, if column A is what contains the "S", you should only be selecting the cells in column A, not the entire spreadsheet.

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I did, I don't think it answered my question

by d.m.ray In reply to Did you read the article?

My formula changes the entire row if I put an s in the "a" column in that row. I will use row 5 for example. In each row i have 50 or more columns that may or may not have something added at some point in time. What I am hoping for is that if there is nothing added in cell f5 it will not fill, but if something is entered in cell f5 only f5 will fill not g5 unlessit is not blank. Does that explain it better?

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