Excel 2007 Graph Label Alignment

By StealthWiFi ·
I have an Excel 2007 Sheet with a 3-D Column graph on it.

I would like the Data labels to be in the middle of the column rather than at the top where they defualt too.

I have tried selecting the labels, going into the Format Data Lavels sections and under Alignment changing the Vertical alignment to all the diffrent positions offered (Middle Centered, Top, Middle...) none of them change the position of the labels on the graph at all.

Is this feature just not working or is there a trick to it?

The big question is on a 3-D Column graph in Excel 2007 how do you center the labels to be in the middle of a column?


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Re: To myself

by StealthWiFi In reply to Excel 2007 Graph Label Al ...

For anyone else that finds this no the feature does not work. Excel 2007 is vastly lacking in true business areas. We had to purchase a program from called Chart Labeler. It is not the best in the world but does the trick.

Take a hint Microsoft, your losing business customers!

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