Excel 2007, Multiple Condition Format, save as xls, user sees 1 condition?

By jhicks22309 ·
I created a file in Excel 2007 and saved as xls. There are cells with multiple condition formatting. I knew I had to save in 2003 format so I set up three conditions in the same manner as 2003; #1 ~ #3 are all as =if(formula = x, 1, 0) [details below]. The end user opens the xls file and all looks fine except that they only saw the first of the three conditions. I opened the xls file in 2007 and the three conditions are there so the information is in the file but the 2003 user cannot see the extra conditions. What could cause this?

More detail on the condition expression... There are four possible outcomes which would equate to the values 0, 1, 2, 3. Outcome 0 is false; no formatting. Outcome 1 gets a color, Outcome 2 gets a color, if both 1 & 2 are true then the formula returns Outcome 3. The three conditions will look for if( formula = 3, 1, 0) then if( formula = 2, 1, 0) then if( formula = 1, 1, 0); example =IF(IF(ISNUMBER(VLOOKUP($G$36+($I3*7)-F$9,Closed,1,FALSE)),1,0)+IF(MOD((F3-31422)/14,1)=0,2,0)=3,1,0)

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