Excel 2007 - Multiple sheets in workbook - 1 set of printer settings? Help!

By twonga ·
I have a workbook in excel 2007, this has multiple sheets.

If i select all the sheets across the bottom and make a printer setting change like landscape, it will change it on all sheets. However when i go into printer properties and change it to print on duplex (2 sided) it only applies the changes on the active sheet. All the other sheets (apart from first one) will print on singles pages still.

please please help me? or just tell me its not possible!

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Try this

by unhappyuser In reply to Excel 2007 - Multiple she ...

Click on the Entire Workbook box in the print screen. The default is Active Sheet(s).


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by twonga In reply to Try this

No sorry, that dont work either! Got a feeling it's not possible! If it's not I would rather know!

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by stevensugg In reply to Excel 2007 - Multiple she ...

I had a similar problem with Excel 2010. The behavior was slightly different if I was executing the Print command or the Print Preview command from within VBA, or just selecting Print from the file menu. The problem I was having was executing the PrintPreview command from within VBA, after selecting two worksheets within the code. After executing Print Preview from VBA (so the user could see what they were about to print, and possibly allow them to modify some of the print setting, like number of copies), and then clicking the Print button, which brings up the Print Dialog Box, if I just clicked Print, I would usually have the problem you described - first worksheet would print double-sided (per print settings) but the 2nd sheet would print single-sided. However, if I clicked the "Preview" button in the lower left corner of the dialog box, and then clicked the "Print" button in the upper left corner, both worksheets would print double-sided. I know it's kind of klugey because you are doing Print Preview twice, but it worked for me and the other users of my workbook. Hope this helps someone else.

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