Excel 2007 - not displaying duplicates in subsequent columns

By kevin.totts ·

150+ rows

First column - duplicate names

Second column - duplicates removed (leaving gaps)*

Third column - additional info added manually, creating duplicates in this column

Forth column - duplicates removed*


Is there any way to achieve the actions marked with *? I prefer to work 'dynamically' with (often complex) formulae. I can't think of a way of effectively moving across the sheet and reducing the quantity of names displayed.

Imagine 6 identical names in first column, reducing to a single name in the second column, effectively blanks next to 5 of the names and the name repeated on the 6th.

Hope this makes some sense!

I could use the 'remove duplicate' functions or advanced filter but I need to keep the spreadsheet 'live' as more data may need to be added.

Many thanks


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The answer to "Hope this makes some sense!" is

by ComputerCookie In reply to Excel 2007 - not displayi ...


"Is there any way to achieve the actions marked with *?" Is strange as * is an operation!

"spreadsheet 'live'" what's that mean.

Do a VBS course, I think what your talking about needs to be referenced from memory, and you need code to do this, i.e. macro

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The easy fix....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Excel 2007 - not displayi ...

... although it would require a bit of work, would be to sort the entire worksheet on the columns that have blanks in them. The spaces will come to the top or the bottom, depending on how you sort. Then, all you have to do is select all of the rows you want deleted and press delete.

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