Excel 2010 - How Do I Stop This?

By baja463 ·
Occasionally (not always), while copying data into a Excel 2010 spreadsheet, everything slows to a crawl and this message appears below the sheet: "Contacting the server for information. Press ESC to cancel." This can take up to 20-25 seconds -- not an eternity, but it seems so when the boss is hovering and waiting for his sheet. Anyone know why this message appears and how to stop it?

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Office products are internet-aware

by jck In reply to Excel 2010 - How Do I Sto ...

You're probably copying from an internet webpage...right?

When you copy and paste from a webpage, the content is web-based. Therefore in internet-aware applications, the content you paste is still web-based and the internet-aware application will go out to the web-based source for the content.

That's my best guess at it.

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Reponse To Answer

by baja463 In reply to Office products are inter ...

Ok, that makes SOME sense, but ... why check to see that what's on the clipboard is the same as what's on the website?

Why go "out to the web-based source for the content" if I have the content and and pasting it?

Moreover, why doesn't it happen every time?

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Excel 2010 - How Do I Stop This?

by Atharton_CB In reply to Excel 2010 - How Do I Sto ...

This annoying behavior, is also with Outlook 2007 and other Office programs, mostly occurs when the clipboard has HTML formatted content .
One of the possible solutions is to do a "Paste Special" (click the down pointing arrow near the Paste Icon) and select "Unformatted Text" instead of the default "HTML format"

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