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Advice, please? I have data that is refreshed from a data warehouse, but end users add data in columns to the right (data type is irrelevant). I want Excel to keep the manually entered data for each specific entry after refresh has taken place. Data from the warehouse cannot be set to order the same as the previous refresh as some entries may have fallen off due to the nature of the report.

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Database Methodologies

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In spite of the description being enigmatic, I think you may need to evolve into database technology. Fortunately, Excel and MSAccess handshake well. However, you can adapt the following database methodology to your Excel system. But it will be tricky. The trick is to utilize "keys" and create 2 separate tables. The data on the left side will have "keys", aka primary keys or account numbers and is stored in the primary table, ie your data warehouse. The data on the right should be entered into a separate table but have / use the "keys" that will link them to the primary table. Then when they are merged, you will achieve the effect you seek. Again, i really cant see what you have. But I am sure that 1) keys need to be used to your differing data types together. And 2) you will need at least two tables, ie a) primary/the archive from data warehouse and b) secondary/an input table. Imo, it may be time to evolve into database technology, when managing the data in Excel becomes limiting. In database's, you would have an input form for the data on the right. Then with some fancy coding, the report will be produced by merging the primary table with the secondary table, which occurs because the keys link the data together.


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