Excel 2010 Printing Issue

By Clendanielc ·
Hi Everyone:

We upgraded to Excel 2010 and we are noticing that its not liking anything you print from it. The issue we are noticing is when we try to print from selected area within a spreadsheet it creates a page break for each of the cells when we want to fit the selection to print on one page. Anytime we try to scale the image it gives us a margin error.

We updated the printer drivers to the latest version and we given users administrative rights to their printers, we still have this issue. Has anyone come across this in their organization?

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Never Seen This

by TheChas In reply to Excel 2010 Printing Issue

I have never seen this problem.
I seriously doubt it is a printer issue. It is most likely an Office configuration issue or software compatibility problem.

How are you deploying Office 2010?

If you are using an image, or other method of a custom configuration, I would check the settings in the custom configuration file.

An easy way to verify is to take a system and install form the Microsoft install file with no customizations. If that works, you know the problem is in your image or config file.

Use any third party software or add-ins that functions as an overlay or tool for Excel? You likely need to either uninstall or update the add-ins.

Make sure that you have the correct versions of Microsoft add-ons like Net Framework, C++, Visual Basic, and even the Office Compatibility software.


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Reponse To Answer

by Clendanielc In reply to Never Seen This

Hi Chas:

We are installing it off of an installation disk. No third party software and we have all the correct versions of Microsoft addon-ons. Its killing me trying to figure it out. It shows up fine in the print preview but when it prints, it prints each cell individually.

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couple of things to try

by Sue T In reply to Excel 2010 Printing Issue

I have seen this, not with 2010 but an earlier version of Excel. Do you have another printer you can try printing it to? If you are using PCL drivers for the printer have you tried using PS or vice versa? You also said you upgrade to that version, did you uninstall the previous version before installing 2010? Maybe something from the previous version is hanging somewhere and causing problems. Years ago you used to be able to download a tool from Microsoft that would do a complete removal of office, I don't know if it is still available or not but it apparently also got rid of things that a regular uninstall didn't so if you can still find that tool that might help.

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Found the Issue

by Clendanielc In reply to Excel 2010 Printing Issue

After searching endlessly on this subject I found an answer and a work around. Apparently it is an issue with Excel. The scaling is reversed so the printer drivers for our Toshiba printers would print a cell on each page because of the reverse scaling.

This issue was reported to Toshiba back in 2010 and they reported it to Microsoft who still to this day have not fixed the issue. So, the work around is to go into printer preferences -> Paper -> and set the 'Fit to paper size' to whichever printer size you want to print to. It cannot be set to 'Use Same Size' or you will run into this problem.

After we made this change, the problem went away. We had to train users on how to change this setting if they want to print on different paper size. It was a quick 2 minute training. No big deal. Thanks again for all responses. Really appreciate the help!

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