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I have made excel sheet having the data of Items and their perches rates. I just want to know that if I enter the initial latter of the item in second sheet in same book it will reflect the full name of Item with perches rate.
for ex. items in first sheet are Car, bat, dall,
and if I enter the initial letter C in second sheet it automatically reflect the car with purchase rate.
how can it is possible,give the formula

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by richardhx In reply to Excel

Is not really clear why you want to do this, when copy/paste or other referencing might have the data re-appear on a second sheet. "how can it is possible, give the formula" The short answer is No it is not possible.

But you can reference to the cells on Sheet one so that the data also appears on Sheet 2.
Sheet 2, A1 =Sheet1!A1
Sheet 2, B1 =Sheet1!B1

Excel has excellent built in Help files and you would learn a lot by browsing them and reading the examples.

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You can also use Data Validation...

by Keighlar In reply to Excel

to create a drop-down list with all possible choices for the column.

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