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By jt1576 ·
I have an excel spreadsheet that has our site inventory in separate worksheet tabs (with each site's name) and one worksheet that has all of the inventory in it from the individual site tabs. My question is, is there a formula that I can use whenever I make a change in the master worksheet, so it will make the change in the approiapite site worksheet? or would it be too much of a headache to use the formula (if there is one)

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by Sheryl V In reply to Excel

Try Vlookup.

If the cell is the same (EX:A3) on every the, then you just have highlight all the worksheet tabs you want to change before making the change.

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by DKlippert In reply to Excel

Sheryl V is right. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the appropriate worksheet tabs.
On the Title bar you'll see [Group].
What ever is done to one page will be dupicated on the others in the group.

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by RichTee In reply to Excel

If you are making anything other format changes the simple answer to your first question is NO.

You can only affectively make FORMAT changes when selecting the 'site' worksheets AND the 'Master' worksheet.

FORMULA changes can be made for multiple 'Site' worksheets using the above answers.

However, the 'Master' worksheet will have roll-up formulas that may, or may not, have to be changed depending on the changes that are made in the 'site' worksheets and how they will effect the master. Changes in the 'Master' will not change the formulas in the 'site' worksheets.

More information regarding the 'changes' to be made would be needed to discuss further.


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by jt1576 In reply to

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by jt1576 In reply to Excel

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