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By AkramSaudi ·
1.Formula output in a different cell
2. Is there any "Goto" function in excel

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Excel

1. Why not enter the formula in the cell where you want the results? Alternatively, set the cell where you want the results equal to the cell containing the formula.

2. The CELL, OFFSET, or INDEX functions might fit you need. There's a 'Go To' menu option, which tells me there must be a Visual Basic equivalent.

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by TobiF In reply to Excel

1. Excel works this way: what you see is the result of the formula in each cell (filtered through the cell format).
It is possible, though, to create a VBA macro, which will calculate something and write the result into a cell.
But, what are you trying to do?

2. What do you mean with GOTO?
Try looking up "HYPERLINK" in Excel help.
(By the way, you didn't tell us which version of Excel you're using.)

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