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Excel and a blind user

By MAST-G13 ·
How can I help a blind user learn Excel 2000? The user is VERY independent (more power to them). They have built a spreadsheet, but now want to start diseminating the information into different blocks of information - without using the mouse - and NOW, not tomorrow! Help?!

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Try posting to Tech Q&A

by Oz_Media In reply to Excel and a blind user

If you are in a hurry for a resolution you should post in the Technical Q&A section, (link in left NAV bar) this is just a discussion forum for people to chat in really.

I assume you know that you can TAB through cells, or even use the arow keys if that's what you are referring to but I dont know how this would work for a person who is blind, sorry.

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Link in the Left Nav Bar - Great Idea!

by MAST-G13 In reply to Try posting to Tech Q&A

Thanks, Oz - I'll give it a try! Never done this before - "played" w/'pooter's since late '50's, but all this "stuff" is new to me - we'll see how this goes ... treading into new water's here.

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I worked with a gentalman that used JAWS

by SkipperUSN In reply to Excel and a blind user

A number of years ago I worked with a visually impared gent - that used the product JAWS ( - it was great software then - I am sure it got better...

He was able to do anything on the PC from program to spreadsheets and Lotus Notes..

Give it a try - if he's American the government may even pay for the software,,,

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Jaws doesn't work that well

by MAST-G13 In reply to I worked with a gentalman ...

We are using Jaws, but it doesn't seem to work that well for him, even the newer versions.
There's a DoD project called CAP which does pay for both HW & SW (the gov. doesn't!).
But thanks for your help, gentlemen - we'll keep pushing at the barrier's!

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