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Excel and a Blind User

By MAST-G13 ·
How can I help a blind user learn Excel 2000? The user is VERY independent (more power to them). They have built a spreadsheet, but now want to start diseminating the information into different blocks of information - without using the mouse - and NOW, not tomorrow! Help?!

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by pierrejamme In reply to Excel and a Blind User

By blind, I guess you mean poor sight?
Have you installed Accessibility in Control Panel\Windows Setup\ there is a lot of options there to help people that have poor site. don't know about blind seeing a monitor though.

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by MAST-G13 In reply to Excel and a Blind User

To, pierrejamme, Sir: The gentleman in question is totally blind ... which is the problem ... we are using the latest edition JAWS, but that doesn't seem to help him, and he is getting so frustrated about not being able to do this work HIMSELF! Of course, I can do this for him, but that's not the point. I reiterate, he is very independent, & I wish him to stay that way.

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by Lizzy In reply to Excel and a Blind User

Please provide me more information. What version of Excel? What version of Windows? What problems is he having? Is the speech working or is the problem keyboard commands not working properly? The latest version of JAWS may have changed some key commands. Some of his scripts that used to be in place in the older version of JAWS may not have migrated over to the new versions' folder.

If you have system specifics such as video settings, computer hardware and software versions, the Freedom Scientific site support can be very helpful. If he is having too much trouble, sometimes it's best to wait until the bugs are worked out before upgrading a JAWS computer--you may want to uninstall it and go back to the previous version.

Email me through TR if you would like more specific help with this--I have spent the last six years working as a Rehabilitation Engineer at a school for the blind and vision impaired.

Please remember that the user is VERY (understandably) frustrated. Before getting too worked up, make sure that the user was able to diseminate the information before the upgrade. If not, then it may simply be a training issue. If so, have the user contact his state department for the blind--there are scheduled classes for JAWS with Outlook, IE, Word, and Excel throughout the year in most states.

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