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    Excel Attachments Slow to Open in Outlook 2007


    by mark.guidetti ·

    I have a user with Outlook 2007. When she attempts to open an Excel attachment, the application opens right away, but the file takes up to a minute to open. She is using Windows XP OS. Excel attachments are the only problems, Word, PowerPoint and Adobe open fine. Any help is appreciated.

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      by mark.guidetti ·

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      we need more info. you could have a look in the application event viewer and on the server. as this IS on a network, yes? and the location of the slow excel files is on the network, yes? will the same file stored locally open quick?
      i would search the mskb at for this one. this is a known issue with smb. you can either turn it off at the server (lots unsaid here) or you can try using ‘classic’ folder view on the client or turn off ‘show pop up descriptions for file and folders’ under Folder View options.
      but first i’d update with Windows and Office patches to see if that will help

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      Check Anti-Virus Settings

      by captbilly1eye ·

      In reply to Excel Attachments Slow to Open in Outlook 2007

      I have experienced similar slow opening issues that I found were related to an Anti-Virus program that was scanning the document as it was opening.
      Particularly, I have experienced this with Norton and AVG.

      Go into the AV settings and tell it to exclude the scanning of those file types (.XLS).
      Like an Access database, an Excel spreadsheet contains hundreds of cells and a AV program, by default, will insist on scanning every cell of every spreadsheet and table. So, where it may not noticeably effect the opening of Word or PowerPoint files, it will greatly slow down the opening of files with cells like .XLS, .XLT or .MDB files.

      Please let me know if this helps.

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        Outlook Preview

        by mark.guidetti ·

        In reply to Check Anti-Virus Settings

        Very strange, but I went to her machine to check the AV settings. I showed her that she has the ability to preview the attachment before opening. I hadn’t enabled preview before now. The minute I did, the attachment opened right up. Thanks to all who replied to this.

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      huh. thanks for posting that

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to Excel Attachments Slow to Open in Outlook 2007

      interesting. thanks. anybody know why?

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      Disable Excell Add-ins

      by stanza49 ·

      In reply to Excel Attachments Slow to Open in Outlook 2007

      You have to go to Excell 2007 properties and disable any analizer add-ins in there. Or if you don’t see an analizer add-in, disable any that you feel will make a difference and test it afterwards by trying to open up an attachement from outlook.

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        Crazy, but the opposite worked for me.

        by mattklump ·

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        I was having the same problem with Excel 2007 attachments. I went into Excel Options -> Add-Ins and turned on the Analysis Toolpack add-ins (2). This allowed the attachments to fire up almost immediately.

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        after deleting expand.dat file in mail folder

        by support ·

        In reply to Disable Excell Add-ins

        I’ve been trying to get this sorted as well.
        I have outlook and word in 2007 with excel in 2003.

        Excel opens really slowly after upgrading outlook & word to 2007 – the longest delay being excel attachments only.

        I deleted the expand.dat file in outlook data folder to get rid of any add ins that may be causing this.

        Speed did improve but got slow again. Eventually when i checked temporary internet files, there were about 20,000 so now deleting these – could be the reason why attachments are takin long to open.

        Will update as its taking hours to delete all these files.


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