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    Excel: Cells Update automatically from last entry


    by sa3dos ·

    I have a large spread sheet with two tables, one table is for “summary” and the second table is for “data entry”. I want one of the cells (in the summary table) to be able to read the last value entered in the “data entry table”. For example: Cell I8 currently display the same entry as U37 (using the simple equation of =U37) when I input an entry to U38, I want I8 to automatically take it rather than me having to go back and change the equation of I8 cell to “=U38”

    Any suggestions to how to code I8 cell to do that?

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      by sa3dos ·

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      One approach

      by mmcanosa ·

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      the following formula in cell I8


      will count the number of items in column A and passes it as an argument to the index function (assuming you always want to show the last cell of column A). remember that COUNTA counts all items, so if you asdd something in column A accidentally, the formula won’t work.
      Hope it helps,

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        by clifforde ·

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        Mart, I changed the ; to commas in Excel 2007 and it works. Fantastic! Change it to COUNT to exclude the non-numbers during a sort, with numbers on top in resultant sort.

        Anybody need a Formula to find the Smallest number in a range that does not return 0 let me know. Uses the COUNT and LARGE function. Counts the number of values (non 0) and then returns the xth largest, which is the smallest number.

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