Excel Check Box - Protecting Work Sheet

By michaelpag ·
I'm using Excel 2000. Am setting up a Questionaire. Have used Check Boxes and they drive anewers that give me numbers to summarise & have hidden these. So all is going well.

What I want to do now is protect the work sheet - so that all the user can do is to check or un-check a box. I have gone to "Format Control" & on the Protection Tab unLocked protection. Then Protected work sheet. When I do this I can't tick or un-tick a check box - I get the standard "this sheet is protected" type message .

I guess this must be a common prob & the is probably a really simple answer - but it's eluding me right now!!! Can any body help? Thanks in anticipation!

Regards Mike

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I get to this post because that I just encountered the same prob and search

by yaya246 In reply to Excel Check Box - Protect ...

By reading his post, it reminded me that the lock protection field in the Format cell and Format control. I did include the target cell of the checkbox in the allowing editing selection. However, I forgot to unlock the target cell's protection. Make it short, I solved this problem by unlocking the target cell (in Format Cell).

Many Thanks to Michael!

However, I do not understand why for the normal cell we do not need to unlock protection in Format Cell when we use allow user to edit range, but for the checkbox. Anyone knows?


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